Empathy and Equality

How Self Compassion Will Improve Your Life

Have you ever heard the term self compassion and wondered what it meant? Have you thought that self compassion was about being selfish? Maybe you are just curious to learn what self compassion is all about. This post is meant to guide you to get a basic understanding of self compassion as we explore the […]

5 Simple Ways to Support Gender Equality in 2021

In this post I will make five simple recommendations to help you realise be a supporter of gender equality in the year of 2021. Today gender equality is particularly relevant, as we look at the specific challenges women face, due to gender inequality and due to being women. No country in the world has achieved […]

Why We Need to Start Doing Nothing to Feel Better

Doing nothing is a very rare occurrence these days. Our minds are constantly buzzing. Either through binge-watching our favorite shows, checking social media or other outlets that bombard our minds with information. Doing less is sometimes what we need. Doing nothing seems impossible in a world, where every second of our days require our attention. […]

An Empathetic Christmas

All days from December 1st to December 24th I shared a small piece of a christmas story on the Instagram account for this blog @empathyandequality. I needed to share a hopeful story as this year has been challenging for everyone. If I have learned one thing this year – it is how many privileges I […]

How to Understand Equality

Equality is about equal rights and opportunities for everyone. This is to put it simply. No matter who you are, where you were born, what skin colour you have, what gender identity you have, what abilities you have and what you believe – you have a right to equal treatment. Far from everyone in this […]

The Four Letters That Define Highly Sensitive People

Elaine Aron uses four letters to define a highly sensitive person. These four letters describe some of the main characteristics of sensitive people.

How to Know if You Are an Empath

Have you ever heard the term empath and wondered what it meant? Maybe you are unsure whether you yourself could be an empath. In this post we are going to dive into what this term means. Hopefully it can give you clarity as to what it means to be an empath. As the name suggests […]

How your Existence is Improving the World

There is a reason you were born. It may not be a big purposeful reason – like you are here to solve some of our time’s biggest issues. That does not matter. Whatever you are here to do it will bring value in different forms and for different people. Just through your existence you are […]

Why Pain is a Part of the Human Experience

As humans we laugh, we love, we live, we cry and we feel pain. But where is this suffering coming from and why do we have to live through it? To me the answer is very simple. There is one reason why we will inevitably feel pain at some point in our life. The pain […]

What is the meaning of life and existence?

When we are born, there is a 1: probability of us being born. If you are curious and want to learn more – then check out the Tedtalk by Mel Robbins: “How to stop screwing yourself over”.  Repeating 1: probability of you being born. How incredible is that? I believe that each of us is […]